Colin & Kenzie!

I'm Kenzie, and i'm married to my best friend, Colin.  We got married in our mid twenties, and are just trying to figure out dd, d/s, etc.  I want to be able to be submissive to him, and he wants to be dominant to me.  Hopefully this blog will help us figure it all out.  We're in Connecticut, and would love to talk to anyone else with the same interests, whether they're close or across the country. :)

Feel free to email either one of us, we'd love to talk with people about DD, and we'd love to make new friends. :)

Kenzie -

Colin -

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  1. hey guys, we are very near you and have been doing dd since we were your age about 20 yrs ago! Would love to chat and meet. Maybe help mentor from the long term married with kids dd experience. Let us know.