We'v changed up our rules recently, and basically we're going to be focusing on the 4 D's with a few little things added in as well.

Dishonesty - Goes without saying, no lying. That's a big one.

Disobedience - If i'm told to do something, it needs to be done. No saying 'no' to him, when it comes to any punishments or anything like that. Unless for some reason, there's something going on and i'm just too uncomfortable at the moment, but then our safe word will be used. Safe word is Grey, of course it has nothing to do with Christian Grey. Nooo way. :p

Disrespect - This is a big one, too. He expects me to answer with Sir when i'm supposed to. Also no cursing at him, no eye rolling, things like that.

Dangerous - Nothing dangerous. No texting and driving, not even at red lights. Drinking 60 oz of water a day falls into this category for us as well.

*Another thing that doesn't fall under those categories, is that I have to say the words spanking, punishment, etc. I haaate saying them, and anytime i'm talking to him about it, I usually just say, "you knowww.. THAT word." I'm a baby, I know, but it still makes me embarrassed! So now, the rule is that there's no dancing around those words, they have to be said.

That's all I can think of for now, but if there are any others, i'll be sure to add them.


  1. Ooh I kinda like those rules ;)

  2. I really like the rule about good amount of water! Maybe I'll show it to my Master, cause as everyone I have problem with that.
    I hope you'll stay with that rules :) Both of you :) Hugs :*