Monday, November 15, 2021

I miss this place!

 Wow, I really miss this blog and the people I used to interact with here. I wish it were still a thing. But for anyone who happens to still be here...hi!! I really hope you're doing well.

Do people still use this site for blogging? Are there other sites out there people went to?

I just wanted to come by and make a quick update post after I was browsing through some of my old entries.

Jimmy and I are still happily married and still spankos of course! Our dynamic has changed a bit, but it works well for us and we wouldn't change a thing. I still have my amazing Daddy who I am so in love with. Basically I am an extremely lucky girl. Really really lucky.

I'm still writing poems...I need to post a few here now and then! I do have a reddit where I post those. My name there is bdsmandprettywords .... would love to reconnect with some old friends if you're on there. 

I'm also making self-care mystery boxes for littles, middles, and really just submissives in general!! They have been a ton of fun to put together. I started an etsy store with the boxes and a couple other things there too! for anyone who would like to check them out!

I hope everyone is doing well. I really miss the place this used to be, but I definitely have lots of great memories!! ❤


  1. Wow Kenzie! Hello! What a wonderful surprise to see you post! Your blog has remained in my blogroll so it was lovely to see a post from you today:)

    Glad you two are doing well and that you are continuing to write poetry. The self care packages sound awesome:)


  2. Hey Kenzie 💕

    I haven't blogged in forever and only lurk every once and a while. So do people still use this place? Most likely not those you'd remember.

    Happy to hear you and Jimmy are doing well. If you do decide to start blogging again I'll read and perhaps shake a few trees and see who I can string arm into commenting. Aside from reliable Riz of course!

    Much love willie