Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Are you there - blogroll issues

I soo have to write a real update soon of how things are going .. I have quite a bit to say. Yea, yea, what else is new. :)

I'll write an actual real update tomorrow after work, but until then - this damn blogger problem is pissing me off still. I tried to manually re-add everyone, but i'm missing like 10-20 blogs that I was following that are no longer there. :(

If you guys can do me a favor, and you see that you're not on my blog roll, please leave me a comment and let me know!

Don't feel funny being like, "Hey .. Kenz, i'm missing from the blog roll and I better be back up there asap."

:) Really though, I want you to tell me, so if you don't see yourself there - comment so I can fix it. I want it back to normal so I can make sure I have all the blogs on there in order to catch up and see how everyone is doing!

Colin & I have been both been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and on top of that have just been busy - but they've been fun too.

Colins birthday, Memorial Day, Family time, baseball games (Lets go METS!) and a concert coming up this weekend.. YAY!

Although I'll be driving to that concert right after a spanking, AND capcaisan cream applied, according to Colin. I'll write more about that tomorrow, I suppose I deserve it - but still. Super mean.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well - i'm SO sorry i've been seriously slacking on reading/commenting, and I promise to get to it as soon as I can - I miss reading everyones blogs.

And please remember, if you're not on the blogroll on the side, let me know!


  1. Hey there, I didn't see "Hard to Handle" over there, I know you've read it before, and in case you still want to-better add it! Good luck getting all that back in order!

    1. Of course I still want to read! It's added now. :)

  2. Crazy blog roll. I am on it. I am looking forward to your update.

    I hope you will not have hot leather seats for the ride.


  3. Did it really delete them all? I have had where they seem to disappear but they always come back. That has got to be frustrating! Hope you get them all back :)

  4. I have had this happen to me before and it always came back. Anyway, I didn't see my blog listed. Hope you will add me ;)

  5. Colds have been going around and I have one this week too. :-/ What concert are you going to?