Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What the hell, blogger?!

Okay, so was just messing around with my background, when I realized under my blog list, nothing was showing up. I clicked on it, and there was NOTHING there. It told me to start adding blogs to my blog list ..



Anyone have any idea how that happened, or more important, if there's anyway to get them all back on the list without manually adding them all again?


  1. Does it to me all the time and its nothing to do with your changes. Just click the blogger symbol in top left area - as opposed to refreshing. They'll come back. It sometimes takes a few tries. They're all still on your account so don't worry.

  2. I hope it works for you. What a pain in the butt if you have to add them manually.

  3. Thanks chickadee! Thing is, they still show up when im on the "home" page in blogger...Well, I should say about half of them show up there. But when it comes to my actual blog page, like the readers would see .. on the right hand side, under 'blogs I read,' which is where I have my blogroll, nothing is there.

  4. Freaked me out the first time too! But then I just ignored it and it relaxed. No worries, just ignore it. They'll come back.

  5. yeah that happens to me a lot, and it seems to happen more when i'm on my professor's macbook rather than my PC laptop. it always goes back to normal tho, just keep trying. :)


  6. Blogger is so buggy. I haven't noticed it happen before but maybe it has.