Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spanking advice a-z!

I remember coming across a few blogs a while ago, when a meme was going around about the ABC's of spanking. People would list things, A-Z, having to do with spanking. Fun idea!

Well I decided to change that idea around, just a little bit, and thought i'd try to write my own A-Z list. So here is my Spanking advice A-Z. Of course i'll also include some more general DD stuff, but spanking advice just sounded better. ;) I'm seriously in noooo way an expert on spanking, DD, Ds, etc, so this isn't meant as a serious thing. Just something I thought I could have a little fun with!

*Now, this part is really important for you HOH's out there - pay close attention to this advice, it could really help you out. ;) After all, this advice is mainly for you!

PS - Totally kidding, and not trying to be disrespectful here, just in a fun playful mood. 

A- "Are you realllllly going to spank me?" That question CAN sometimes be answered with, "Nope, I was just kidding."
B- "Butttttt I don't want to be spanked," should be taken into consideration at all times.
C- Can you spank a little softer? Appropriate answer being, "Sure sweetheart!"
D- Do we need to use the hairbrush? "We can skip it this time."
E- Eventually you guys will get the knack for spanking, don't worry!
F- Frankly, if we get in trouble, love taps are accepted!
G- Geeez guys, this corner looks dirty, come clean it .. please?
H- Hand as an implement is usually the best route to take!
I- I could get over your knee without hesitation, but do I really want to?
J- Just nice and slowly, put that belt back on where it belongs!
K- Kitchen utensils, need to STAY in the kitchen!
L- Let us get away with some stuff from time to time!
M- Maybe let us have a bonfire once in a while? All implements welcome!
N- Noooo! You may certainly not spank me with that!
O- Outside to pick a switch? Not the best idea.
P- Pretttttyy please Sir, I promise not to do it again, when said before a spanking, IS sincere!
Q- Quietness is important, that brush makes toooo much noise!
R- Right or wrong? Right, we are alwayssss right.
S- Smart mouth answers. You don't like those? Be best if you learned to embrace them.
T- Thissss is the way you spank, here let me show you!
U- Underwear are to stay up at all times!
V- Very hard spankings are not permitted!
W- While we're at it, corner time is no longer allowed.
X- XOXO - Hugs and kisses are wayyy better than punishments!
Y- You understand these, right? You better, because...
Z- Zero of these rules are allowed to be changed, or altered in any way, shape, or form!

*If you give your HOH/Dom any of this advice and end up in the position in the picture below, I can not be blamed. ;)

I don't know why, but I love this picture. I think it's her reaction, mixed with his sleeve rolled up, and the fact that it's Mr.Daniels. :)


  1. Okay, who thinks she should get spanked for this post? I'm taking votes
    - Colin

    1. Good girl spanking won the vote babe, let's get to it. ;)

  2. Loved this! My fav was the bonfire. Lol

    I vote "yes" for that spanking Colin.... But maybe a nice, easy, good girl spanking because you gotta admit this was good! ;)


    1. Wouldn't that bonfire be great?! Lol, yess that's a perfect vote! ;)

  3. And here I thought "T" was for topping from the bottom. My bad.

    1. Lol, oooh I forgot about that one. ;)

  4. Love this Kenzie, very cute and clever! My favs were the bonfire and smart mouth answers LoL.

    Colin - I'm with Bonnie. I think a good girl spanking may be warranted :)


    1. Thanks Roz, i'm glad you liked it!

      Totally agree with the good girl spanking vote. ;)

  5. Lol Kenzie, loved it, very funny, and i deffinately think all these rules should be obeyed down to the last letter, and i do believe you serve a spanking for writting it, but agree with the rest, is should be a nice long erotic good girl one :)

    Hugs x

    1. Lol yes, another vote for a good girl spanking. ;) I'm glad you liked it!

  6. Kenzie,

    I guess my first reply didn't go through. If so, just delete this one.

    I love it! These were great. Embracing my smart ass comments. Yes, i wish He would comply with it as it would make my life so much easier. :)

    Colin, she did disclaim it was all in fun, so maybe just a love tap?

    xx HS

    1. Lol they sooo need to embrace our smart ass comments once in a while!

      I like the love tap idea. ;)

  7. sure sure, love it Kenzie... might earn you a couple of... love taps though... lol. I think the k - kitchen utensils staying in the kitchen needs to be revised however... great read made me smile. Just so you know, if you have not read DOMINANCE RESTORED, Bekah and I are working things through and moving forward again.
    Peace to you
    The Bishop ( B )

    1. Lol, i'm glad you liked it, and SO glad you and Bekah are working things out and moving forward! Yay! :)

  8. Good job!

    Colin, personally *I* think she's been very naughty and needs a trip over your knee. :p

    1. Lol hey now JG! You forgot to say it has to be a goooood girl spanking. ;)

  9. Agree that a spanking may be warranted. LOL LOVE the bonfire, and some of the others. Very fun, thank you. :)

    1. Lol Es May! I'm glad you liked it, thanks. :)

  10. Great list. :-) Do we need to use the hairbrush? "We can skip it this time." Ha! I've certainly never heard that response!

    1. Thanks Lea, lol wouldn't it be great if we actually heard that response once in a while?