Tuesday, November 3, 2015

30 Days of Submission & Submissive questions

Hi everyone!!

Ugh, it's been forever - what else is new right? I swear one of these days I will get back to semi regular blogging.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a lovely fall! I'm anxiously awaiting all the craziness that the upcoming holidays bring!

Colin and I are doing pretty good. We actually decided to do this 30 Day of Submission thing. Actually, he made it 31 days because he couldn't narrow the activities down to 30. It basically consists of two different things..

1.) 31 Days of a different submissive activity each day.

It started out amazingly. Really had me in the right mind set, had him super Dom-y and had us both just in really good places. About half way through, good old life decided to get in the way and gave us a few hurdles to get through. I mean one really can't hide clothespins under her shirt while in an office with other people crowded around. ;)

So, once we missed an assignment here, and he was lenient on an assignment there - I kind of got really down and just sort of blah. Don't get me wrong, we're still sort of on track, and I'm trying to not let the assignments that didn't happen, keep me from completing the assignments I still have, but I'm just in an off mood for some reason. Part of me doesn't even want anything to do with Ds or DD right now, and I'm really not sure why. It's probably hormones, because when don't they mess shit up? ;) But, we'll see - I'm going to stick it out and make it to the end of the 31 days. Colin has been great with trying to keep things running as smoothly as possible, while working 60-70 hour weeks and trying to balance my need for gentle dominance with my even stronger need for his stern dominance. I can be a handful and harder than a rubiks cube to figure out at times, so props to him for being able to figure me out most of the time. <3


2.) There's this thing out there on blogs called 30 Days of Submission, or 30 Questions of Submissions. Basically just like the name says, it's 30 Days of questions having to do with submission. Every day at 3pm I have to send him the answer to that days questions. The first couple days I forgot, and the damn holed paddle and strap did a darn good job at making sure I remembered from there on out!! There are a couple of questions that really get me thinking, and some I might even make a post out of sometime.

Aside from that, my other new obsession is tumblr! I think it's so much fun and such a great tool to see what really interests your Dom/Hoh/tih/sub/etc. Colin has one too, so it's been fun to see what kind of stuff he reposts.

If anyone has tumblr, mine is http://spankingdominance.tumblr.com and
Colins is http://dominant-husband.tumblr.com

Feel free to follow there so I can follow back, or leave a comment or email with your tumblr link. Once in a while he has me post some original stuff, soooo if you don't want to see any of that, don't look there. ;)

Time to go catch up on blogs, yay!


  1. Hi Kenzie, it's so great to see you post. I know all about being away from the blog too long too.

    The challenges sound interesting. Sorry to hear life has gotten in the way of them a bit, but glad you are on track. It's easy to get in a funk with it when life gets in the way. Sounds like Colin is on top of things :)

    Would be interested to hear more about the questions and your answers :)


    1. Hi Roz!

      Im sure Ill be making a post eventually with some of the questions and answers. :)

  2. Wonderful to see you Kenzie!

    I hope your challenge leads you in a direction you want to go. Honestly I do. I think all of us try many things along the way to 'get us back' to where we want to be. I give you kudos for continuing to plug on. With Colin working so many hours it really must be very difficult for both of you.

    Barney works long hours as well, but fortunately we have some daytime hours together and alone throughout the week. The tendency for me to get 'down' because those little things in life get in the way, ie car maintenance, kid's dentist appointments, grocery shopping, of our dynamic can happen still to this day. In my head I can rationalize that these things NEED to get done, but my heart doesn't always fall for that sh*t...LOL.

    I don't really have any advice, um not that you were asking for any. I will say it has been merely my observation that Dd D/s works best once 'we' decide to make it real and not contrived. ( Not saying your 30 days of submission are contrived..but it is not something you will most likely carry out indefinitely). If Colin or you find that it ends up causing more hurt and grief because of missed days, perhaps he can just pledge to himself to try things 3 times a week...and put a reminder in his phone. To me there is nothing worse than having something planned no matter how 'small' it may seem, and it not be carried out. I end up falling off a cliff because I think, " But you were doing so well. Why did you forget about US".

    Honestly about a year back I found I was keeping tabs on what HE did. What HE said he was going to do. It became a different type of control and I realized now it damaged our dynamic because I was making HIM accountable. Not saying that we can't expect our husbands to follow through with what they say. Oh hell, this is coming out all wrong. I don't mean to say anything you are trying is NOT a good idea...Please just continue to be honest with Colin about your feelings, but try ( and I am not saying you are doing this) to not make him feel poorly, even if it hurt, for forgetting a day. I say this, because I did this I believe in the past, and it can stall a good thing.

    I hope this comment didn't come off as negative. I meant it more about mistakes I made in the past ( and most likely will make again). I know we are all individuals and just because *I* made mistakes, certainly doesn't mean you are going to create the same ones, nor does it mean even if you do, Colin will react the same way Barney did. BUT JUST IN CASE *wink*

    Best of Luck to you both. TTWD is difficult with 'normal' working hours, it is unbelievably difficult with Colin's work hours. I think it is fantastic you are trying ways to concretely improve your relationship!


    1. Your comment came off as anything but negative!! You're so sweet, and I really love and appreciate your comments. I can relate to SO much of what you said in the comment, and a lot of it really made me think about some stuff. Thank you for the encouraging words and for being able to be so honest. :)

  3. So much to say to your blog post and so much that I should just not say publicly. What a dilemma. It's nice to see you blogging. I like your challenge idea, might have to give it a try. Tumbler is awesome, and oh so addicting. But it sure can get your bottom reddened.

  4. Hi Kenzie, good to see you blogging! I'm really interested in the 30 days of submission thing you're doing. I need something like that right now. I got off track and haven't been very submissive lately which hasn't helped at ALL.

    I've been thinking about joining tumblr lately but honestly wasn't sure how to find things about dominance and submission or ttwd. If I go on I will try and find you!

    1. No need to join tumblr, just click on Kenzie's link, and away you go!
      Start clicking on images and "notes" and you can follow trails for hours, just pick something that piques your interest.
      Oops, I think I've just de-lurked :-) When is LoL day this year?
      Take care, have fun, Oz.

  5. Where is the 30 days of questions for submissives?