Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy LOL Day!!!! :)

Yay, I was so worried I had missed LOL Day. So happy to still be able to make a post for it.

In case you don't know what LOL day is, it's a day about our lurkers! The ones who hide behind the shadows and read, but don't know if they should speak up or not. The ones who might have gone to make a comment before, but decided not to post it. Anyone with questions, or who just wants to de-lurk and start being "active" in this amazing community. Come out from the shadows, and leave me a comment. Tell me a little bit about you. Ask me any questions you have for me. Any questions you have for Colin. Or just simply say hi!

I'd love to hear from you. :) Maybe make today the day to start your own blog if you're ready. I'd love to read about your journey.

Of course, I always have to add a little incentive - and since I didn't ever get to do what was supposed to be done last lol day, this time I PROMISE it will get done.. in a timely manner!! Colin promises too. :)

So for every comment that is posted by a non lurker, I'll get 1 spank.

Every comment posted by an actual lurker, will get me 2 spanks.

You guys can even vote on the implement!! Here are some options:

1.) His hand.
2.) Wooden spoon.
3.) Leather strap.
4.) Wooden paddle with holes
5.) Wooden paddle without holes.
6.) Hairbrush.
7.) Colins choice.
8.) Kenzies choice. <-- My personal favorite option. :)

So don't be shy, let me hear from you today!! :)

Also stop on over at Hermiones Blog to see a great list of other bloggers to check out!


  1. HI Kenzie, I vote for number 8, hope you have a good day today
    love Jan,xx

  2. Hi Kenz!!! You know me, I'm going Colin's choice! (I hope it's the one used for texting and driving) ;)
    Love ya!!!

  3. Hi Kenzie, good seeing your post. I vote 1, because it's the best!

  4. Kenzie,

    Happy LOL day. I vote 1, same a DF because it really is the best.


  5. #8 it is :-) Hope you are enjoying your day! Hugs

  6. Hi Kenzie! Happy LOL Day! I vote for #1. Enjoy! :)

  7. I vote for #8 - but you have to let me know what you choose.

  8. Hi Kenzie, nice to meet you. I have added you to my blog list now so will be able to keep up with your blogs. I vote for #8 your choice.. Have a fun day.
    cheers Lindy from DOWNUNDER DREAMING

  9. Can you ask Colin if I can keep coming back and commenting, upping the spanks? If that is a yes, tell him I did it 15 times! I chose the paddle with holes. I am fond of you, but heck if you are only getting 30 or so ( if he counts my one as 15) better make them count!

  10. Hey Kenzie...more a lurker than a non-lurker since I don't comment very often so you can decide which category I fall into. ;) Oh and my vote is #8 - your choice! :D

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  11. I am a new lurker (just started lurking today) and that counts for two and I vote for number 7. Now I am back to delurking...
    Happy LoL day my friend

  12. Hi Kenzie,

    Happy LOL Day. I'd pick #8 or even #7, but I don't know if like your choices. I'd pick a nice leather paddle, but that isn't one of the options. So I guess I'll go with the next closest alternative - #3.


  13. #6 please. I love the brush. This is my first time here.

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