Thursday, April 11, 2013

Survey (Spanking and non) with answers from Colin & Kenzie - and some questions from Kenzie. :)

I saw a post over on Julia's Blog where she answered questions about DH.  I thought it was a very cute idea, so I decided to do one too.. I found a different survey though, it seems a bit long, so if you just want to skim through, I won't take offense. :)  I'm also going to try and get Colin to give his answers, so hopefully he'll do that and i'll be able to post that another day.  Feel free to use it on your blogs also, i'd love to read everyone else's answers.  

Oh, and because this is me we're talking about after all, it wouldn't be a complete survey if I didn't throw in some spanking questions towards the end. :)  If you want to skip to those questions, perfectly understandable. :p

*Updated - Colin decided to answer the questions too, so rather making a whole other blog post for it, i'll just add his answers in here.. he'll be in red,  and i'll keep mine in black.*

1. What is your partner’s idea of romance?  
He's pretty traditional romantic.  Candles, flower petals, bubble baths - he's cute. :)
She's pretty much the same way, she likes the whole storybook/fairytale type romance.

2. What is your partner’s favorite nickname?  
For me?  He calls me "my pet."  His favorite nickname that I call him? I think he likes hunni the best .. or these days, he's pretty fond of Sir.
Her favorite nickname to call me is hunni.  Her favorite nickname that I call her, would be either my pet, sweetie, or cutie.
3. What time of day does your partner prefer to make love?  
The time of the day doesn't matter to him.
She likes night time the best.
4. What is your partner’s vision of a perfect date?  
Something fun - go carts and mini golf, or a football game.  Something like that.
Her perfect date would be going to a mets vs yankees game, and having the mets win.  (But we know that wouldn't be the case.)
5. What part of his/her body is your partner most insecure about? 
 I'm not sure, I love it all though.
 She doesn't like her arms for some reason, but I don't see why.  To me, she's beautiful.
6. What is one of your partner’s sexual fantasies?  
Another threesome.
Her's would be another threesome too, even though she wants to pretend it's just me.
7. What type of music does your partner consider romantic?  
Slow songs, with romantic love lyrics.
A good country song.
8. What turns your partner on sexually?  
Him being in charge, spanking, tying up .. kinky stuff.  Oh and, sorry baby but I have to be honest here - anything to do with his nipples being played with.  He's going to absolutely kill me for answering that question. :p
Being teased, and obviously spanking.
9. What are some boundaries regarding intimacy that your partner will not cross?  
I'm not sure.. don't think there are too many, lol.  
Anal, but i'm trying to change that.
10. How does your partner feel after having made love?  
He usually gets giddy.  Wide awake, and he always has this smile on his face afterwards. 
She gets tired and seems pretty happy afterwards.  She gets real cute afterwards too.


1. What is your partner’s favorite meal?  Chicken Parm.

Chicken Scaripello

2. What is your partner’s favorite season? 
Spring or fall, I think.
Hers is fall.
3. What is your partner’s favorite way to be soothed? 
Lots of cuddling.
Being held and when I play with her hair.  Usually calms her down in any situation, because she feels safe.
4. What is your partner’s favorite way to spend the weekend?  
Depends on the weekend.  Either a relaxing weekend in, catching up on some shows or watching some movies - or going to do something fun, whether it be bowling, going to a movie, something like that.
Same as what she said, depends on the weekend.  She loves spending time with family and hanging out with friends.
5. What is your partner’s favorite sport?  
Lacrosse or football.. I think lacrosse is first though.
Her favorite sport is baseball.
6. Who is your partner’s least favorite person that you both know?  
A certain bitch that just so happens to be a least favorite person for both of us.
That same person she mentioned.  Even though she gets you mad Kenzie, watch the language.
7. What is your partner’s favorite place to vacation?  
Tropical places, any kind of islandy place.
She loves Tennessee and any country kind of places.
8. What is your partner’s favorite TV show?  
He has a few, but I think his number one favorite is Castle.
Even though it's not on anymore, i'd go with Friends.  Favorite current show is White Collar, because for some reason she's infatuated with Matt Bomer, even though I don't know why. :)
Because he's freakin' sexy, duhh. :p
9. What is your partner’s favorite drink?  
Non alcoholic?  Gatorade or Root Beer/Dr Pepper.  Alcoholic?  He likes the girly frozen drinks.  Sorry hun, but it's true. :)
She loves tomato juice for non alcoholic, and for alcoholic she likes moscatto wine.
10. What is your partner’s least favorite food? 
Seafood as well.


1. What is your partner currently most excited about? 
 I'd say the fact that TTWD/DD seems to be going great this time around - and also the fact that we'll be in Disney World in TWO WEEKS! Yay.  Okay, maybe i'm more excited than him - especially since i'll be dragging his butt on rides!
Me being more dominant and consistent.  And obviously she's excited for disney and to celebrate her birthday while were there. ;)
2. What is your partner currently most sad about?  
Financial issues.
Not having enough clothes to take with her to Disney.  Seriously though, the financial stuff as well.
3. What health concerns is your partner most worried about?  
His shoulder. :(  But hopefully it'll be all better soon!
She's healthy as a horse.
Babe, i'm not sure if that's how the saying goes.
Then you're healthy as an ox.
*Eye roll*
4. How does your partner express happiness, sadness, worry and anger?  
He's pretty good with just talking about how he's feeling - I think he knows he can always come to me and let it all out, so he's a good communicator when it comes to that stuff.
She tends to keep sadness in a little bit, until I ask about it, she wears her emotions on her sleeves so it's not hard to tell.  Happiness she gets giggly and she's a prankster, which I can't stand.  Worry, she worries about everything and needs to relax, and anger she's doing much better with, luckily for her. ;)
5. What is your partner’s most embarrassing moment?  
Hmm, I don't think he gets embarrassed very easily -  and if I said the moment I actually have in my head, my butt would never be white again - so i'll plead the fifth here.
Hers would probably be when we were staying at a hotel and she ended up over my knee.  It was a little loud, so next thing we know there's a knock on the door, and the neighbor asked us to keep it down.  She was of course, hiding in the bathroom.
6. How does your partner blow off steam?  
Video games.  We've always both been working on going to the gym lately when we need to blow off steam.
Trying to get her to start doing kickboxing because I think that'd be the best way.  In the meantime she usually talks to me, which is fine too.

7. What are some major events coming up in your partner’s life and how does he/she feel about them?  
There's not any major ones right now .. he's turning 27 semi soon though, geez can't believe he's almost 30. :p
Disney, and she's going to be 25 soon.  (Old lady.)
Babeee!  No i'm not.  Im going to turn 24 .. again. :)
8. What is your partner’s biggest fear? 
 Death/Losing people.
Death, losing someone, and airplane rides.  Not to mention, aliens and E.T. being in the bedroom closet (now since I said that, i'll have to check before we go to sleep.)
You're seriously checking now!!
9. What are the two most stressful events your partner has been through?  
Losing someone close to him, and probably when shit hit the fan regarding families and wedding plans and we thought for a little bit that the wedding wasn't going to be able to happen.
Losing her grandfather and the whole wedding thing she mentioned.
10. What makes your partner truly happy?  
Well ... me. :)  Kidding.  Family, friends, when his football team wins, and hopefully being with his wife. :)
How much we love each other, and how even when we think we can't get any closer, we somehow do.  Having a loving and caring family she can always turn to no matter what.

Kenzie's Section (Spanking.)
1.) What does your partner like the most about spanking (as discipline?)  
I'd say he likes being in charge.  He likes the fact that we can use spanking and have the situation be over with, rather than getting in a long drawn out fight.
Me being in charge, and the feeling afterwards.
2.) What does your partner like the least about spanking (as discipline?)  
Probably the fact that he's not as confident with it as he wants to be yet.  Although, i'm not sure why he's not, but I do think he's getting pretty damn confident about it lately.
How it's still not that easy to fully let go, and the pain i'm sure.
3.) What's your partners favorite implement to use/be used?  
I think he likes using the paddle the best, or maybe the hairbrush?
My hand, but unfortunately for her she usually deserves more than that.
4.) How does your partner know the spanking has worked and that you're sorry? (If answering this question from a spankers point of view - What are some phrases/words that really get the spankee into that 'frame of mind' - things like young lady, that's it - go get the brush, etc) 
 I'd say he knows it's working and that i'm sorry when I start being very very compliant, or when i've just kind of 'let go' and accepted the spanking.
Having to answer with Yes or No Sir.  Having to answer questions about why she's in that position.  Young lady. 
5.) What is your partners favorite spanking position? 
 I like he likes me lying over/on the bed the best.
6.) Does your partner think lecturing is an important part of the spanking?  
To an extent yes.. I think it's more important for me, but he's been pretty good with lecturing lately.
Yes, she does because she's able to hear why she's getting spanked.
7.) What would your partner say gets you in trouble the most? (Or for the spankers answering this question, what would your partner say gets him/her in trouble the most?)  This ones easy.  He'd say my mouth.  
She had it right, her mouth.  Also the sarcasm such as eye rolling, or "yea ookay."
8.) What would your partner say would be the offense that would get the most serious spanking/discipline session?
I think lying, especially if it was about something serious.
Lying about something

9.) What would your partner list as three other effective discipline methods? 
Stupid hot sauce! Corner.  And writing lines.
Cornertime (her favorite), hot sauce, and writing an apology letter.
Oh yea, corner is really my favorite.  And an apology letter?  I've never had to do that!
Well, you're going to start.
One more chance to answer the right way, or you'll find out sooner than later.
Oh my gosh .. yes sir.
That's what I thought.  Good girl.
10.) What would your partner say are three ways to make a spanking more effective? 
 Hm, I think he'd say - lecturing during.  Making me answer questions about why im in that position.  And using the damn strap!
Counting towards the end.  Using the strap, my favorite!  And making her answer why she's being punished.

And that's the survey.  Sorry if the spanking portion was either unoriginal or just not the best questions, lol, but I tried to come up with the best ones I could to spice up the survey a little bit. :)  Would love to see everyone else's answers, so feel free to post to your blog as well.
I'll end the post with a picture.. because, well .. look at him. :)


  1. Lol, yeah this one is longer, but fun! And what does "Another threesome" mean? Did I miss something?

    1. Hahaha.. I was wondering if someone would catch that or not.

      Um. Let's just say he got a pretty awesome present on his 21st birthday years ago, lol.

    2. Yeah sounds like it. Lucky guy! But wait! With you? Oh, I am soo curious now!

    3. Lol, yes with me and a friend of mine. Im not a big drinker at all, but on the rare occassions I do drink, well..I can get a little wild lol.

  2. Kenzie,

    Thanks for a very detailed post about your likes and dislikes on almost every topic.

    I play video games as well, its a guy thing.


    1. They sure are a guy thing, I dont quite understand them lol.. but when he plays it gives me time to blogand read blogs, so its fine with me. :)

  3. This is a great survey! I really enjoy your blog. Im 25 and my husband is 27 cool that we're the same age :-)

    1. Aw thanks for the comment! Always nice finding otherd around our age.. do you have a blog?

  4. Good questions! Not sure we're up for answering the questions but I love reading everybody's!

    1. Thanks Rosie! It certainly took some time to answer, but I was bored and figured why not, lol. :)

  5. I do have a blog. :-) I just started writing again. It's

    1. Yay, going to check it out now. :)

  6. Fun survey and I liked seeing both of your answers. Having to answer questions and saying why I'm being spanked has always been difficult for me, but definitely effective.

    I had to laugh at the comment of the Mets not having a chance at beating the Yankees. ;-) I don't care for baseball but know enough crazy New Yorkers that I find it funny. Also, I think threesomes are overrated. In reality they can be SUPER awkward. Lol.

    1. Thanks Lea! Yea answering questions is very difficult, but very effective. Lol New Yorkers are nuts about baseball! As for the threesomes, I was pretty drunk when it happened so it wasn't terribly awkward until the next morning lol. :)

  7. HAHA your back and forth arguments made me die laughing. We are the same exact way w teasing each other :)