Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Goodnight Spoon & Three Little Naughty Brats.

I just wrote a post yesterday saying how I really haven't written anything in a while, and now here's two posts, two days in a row! I was in the mood to write one of my spanko rhymes, which then turned into two spanko rhymes, so here ya go. :) Nothing big, but hope you enjoy them!

If you haven't heard of the book, Goodnight Moon, you can listen to it here (Goodnight Moon story) and then read my version - Goodnight Spoon!

In the bright red room, 
there was a wooden chair, 
and a great big spoon,
and my HOH, that big ole baboon.
And there were three little brats, on the naughty mats.
And two wooden paddles, for those three little rascals.
And a brush, and a strap,
and the sound of a slap,
And my grumpy hoh, whispering, "get over my lap."
Goodnight room, goodnight spoon.
Goodnight HOH, you big ole baboon.
Goodnight brats, on the naughty mats.
Goodnight paddles, sleep well little rascals.
Goodnight brush, goodnight strap.
Buuuut I don't want to go to bed, "slap slap slap!"
Go to sleep, or you'll go back over my lap!
Panties up, or bottoms bare.
Goodnight spankos everywhere.

And for the next one, if you haven't heard the song, Five Speckled Frogs, go check it out here, (Five Speckled Frogs song,) and then check out my version - Three Little Naughty Brats.

Three little naughty brats,
sat on the naughty mats,
waiting nervously for their turn. (Oh yikes!)
One was led to the bed, had her bottom turned red,
Now there are two little naughty brats. (Tsk, tsk!)
Two little naughty brats,
sat on their naughty mats,
waiting nervously for their turn. (Oh yikes!)
One was led to the bed, had her bottom turned red,
now there's only one naughty brat! (Tsk, tsk!)
One little naughty brat,
sat on her naughty mat,
knowing it was soon her turn. (Oh, yikes!)
She was led to the bed, had her bottom turned red,
now there are no more naughty brats! (Oh phew!)

So, that's that. Like I said, no big update or anything, but just felt the urge to be a little creative today. :) Another one I want to do is Wheels on the Bus, but I haven't been able to come up with any spanko titles for that one to get it going. Any suggestions?

Hope everyone's having a good hump day!


  1. Love your spanko rhymes, I was singing along to the last one - in my head. I don't think I will teaching those words to my little one!
    Good luck with the wheels on the bus.

    1. Lol yea those arent good words to teach the little ones. :)Im glad you liked it!

  2. Very cute.


  3. I love your spoofs!
    And the sparkly dress's behind

    1. Aw thanks Meredith! Isnt the sparkly dress fun? :)

  4. Love these!! Very well done! :)

  5. How fun! Let's see...the paddle on the butt goes smack, smack,

    1. Looove looove it! :) great suggestion.

  6. Cute rhymes. :-) I've heard Wheels On The Bus for spankos. Usually related to how some bottoms "throw each other under the bus." So we sing it, "The wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump," as it's running everyone over.

    1. Haha thats awesome...I love it! :)

  7. LoL Kenzie, love these, very creative and well done! Love the pic too.

    Good luck with wheels on the bus .. love Grace's suggestion!


  8. i love rhymes!!! well done!!

  9. You're so cute with your rhymes :)

    Hugs x

  10. Very fun, I liked them. How about "The Hands On My Man Go Slap, Slap, Slap" Or "The Spoon My Hubby Holds Goes Smack, Smack, Smack" ??? lol, not really sure I have any good ides, sorry. :)

    1. Haha those are both awesome ideas. Thanks Es May :)

  11. Love it Kenz you make me smile, yes I was singing along LOL. Waiting anxiously for the wheels on the bus.

  12. Fantastic job. I love them! lol

  13. You have such a fun personality Kenzie! It shows in your creative posts!!
    ((hugs)) ~Cat

    1. Aw, thanks Cat..thats sweet to say. :)