Monday, March 25, 2013

"It hurts to sit," isn't just a saying..

If you're a spanko, you most likely know the saying "it's going to hurt to sit."  I always thought it was just a saying .. how can it actually hurt to sit?  That has to be a little bit exaggerated, right?

Um. Wrong.  Let's just say, Colin stepped up to the plate on Saturday, and it STILL hurts a little bit to sit this morning.

In one of my posts, I wrote about how I had a bit of a meltdown with him the other day, and said some not so nice things.  Think a lot of F words, rude comments, and calling him not very nice things.  I hate that it got to that point and that I talked to him the way I did, and acted the way I did, but this weekend he certainly took care of it.

Saturday morning I was in a little bit of a mood, and he noticed me saying Fu** a few times.  Not directed at him this time at all, but still.  Eventually after he let a few slip, he gave me one last warning and said not to say it again.  I was able to keep it in control for a while, but eventually, it slipped out again.  Unfortunately for me, we had some hot sauce in the house, and he thought it was a good time to try out that particular punishment.  He only put one drop on my tongue, and at first it didn't do anything, but then after a minute or so, it was not a pleasant feeling.  I'm not a fan of spicy food, especially not hot sauce.  I thought he'd at least let me have some water right after, but that wasn't allowed for a little bit - so he made his point.  Pretty sure I managed to not say it again.  

Saturday night came, and he decided it was time to deal with the issue from the other day.  I think he really wanted to make a point with this one, and kind of set the tone for the whole DD relationship.  If that was the case, he accomplished his goal times ten.  Wooden hairbrush, bathbrush, and strap.  I think that's all that was used.  Maybe the wooden paddle or wooden spoon for a bit?  Honestly I don't remember.  He was even really good with the lecturing this time.  Reminding me why I was being punished, and how I need to work on those issues or this will happen over and over again.  If I tried to block it with my legs, he'd pay close attention to the sit spot for a few swats .. honestly, I was really surprised at how much he stepped up.  (And at this point, I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me for wanting this in the first place.)

One issue we need to figure out, is that when he uses wood for too long, it seems to cause some bruising, so we're trying to find other implements to use, so the spanking is able to last longer.  We have a strap (which I swear is the most evil thing out there!) and i've heard a few things about the cane, but we haven't tried that out.  We ordered a cane kind of thing from cane-i-ac, but I don't think we ordered the right thing because I could barely feel it.  We're both okay with a little bit of bruising, and figure it's probably inevitable in the beginning, but we don't want to break the skin or cause any bleeding, and were nervous if we used wood for too long, that might happen.  Does anyone know if that's the case if you use just one wooden implement for too long?  Would it help if we switched it up with bathbrush/spoon/paddle .. or since it's all wood, would that not matter?

Anyway, the spanking ended with 20 (i think?) quick, yet hard ones with the strap, and by the second or third one, I had my head buried in the pillow, because he got tears out of me.  I was shocked.  Didn't think i'd actually cry, but there were certainly tears.  I was trying to hide that from him for some reason, but he knew.  It wasn't full out sobs, but I think if it had gone on a minute or two longer, it would have been.  It was also from the lecturing and him basically letting me know that I disappointed him.  
Lesson learned.
 He was nice enough to go to the store and get some moisturizing lotion afterwards, which seemed to help a little bit.  Sunday afternoon we went out to eat, and the drive to the restaurant nearly killed me.  Of course he threw in a few little remarks.

"What's wrong?  Feeling a little sore?"

"Nope .. not me."

"Oh, then I guess next time it'll have to be harder?"

"Okay, okay .. YES i'm sore."

"Good. :)"

We also decided that we'd have maintenance every Sunday, and I thought since it was a pretty hard spanking on Saturday, that we would skip it this weekend, but nope.  Thankfully it was only a few minutes, and mainly with his hand.  That's all it needed to be really.  When I said I wanted him to be consistent, I didn't expect this. :p  He even bought himself this shirt at the mall.  I thought it was pretty funny.  He knows I love Christian Grey, so it was cute.  We also saw something called, "Spank & Soothe."  One cream is to put on before a spanking, and it supposedly adds a tingling sensation.  The other one is a soothing type of feeling.  Not sure if they'll do anything, but I thought it was pretty funny that they were being sold at a store in the mall.

We also decided that we're going to give DD Boot Camp a try.  I found and bought the book online, and we both think it sounds like a really good idea.  We won't have the time to be alone for a whole weekend right away, but in a couple weeks we'll be trying it out.  We're both really happy with where we're at right now.  We know it's going to be full of ups and downs, but we're willing to work through that.  As of right now, he's being consistent and i'm really trying to listen, let go, and be submissive with certain things, so i'd say we're on a good track for the time being.  I'm happy with it, even if I did wake up to this text this morning..

Colin: Don't forget what you have to do today, or you'll be in the corner.

So now i'm off to do those things, because the corner is one place I don't want to be. :)

Also, with March being almost over, and us still being new here - if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, and we'll answer them in a future post.  Whether it's here, or email me at  We'd love to answer some questions before question month is over. :)


  1. Wow! Reading this makes me very happy for you, you got what you clearly wanted/needed, but at the same time, I am thinking it took DH way longer to get to this point, lol....Hope your bum is better today, but a good reminder though, huh?

    1. Oh, and new implements, look through my reviews! I really like the paddle in No. 5. Its leather, DH loves using it for longer sessions...

    2. Lol im hoping hes a quick learner and not just going through some "i feel like an hoh for this weekend only" phase. Mostly better today, except for this one part that killllsss.. we think wood caused it and wanted to try some neosporin but im hesitant because i dont know if itll make it hurt more. Good reminder for sure though, and ill have togo check out that sounds like a good choice, thanks.

  2. Kenzie I will be lighting some candles for you, sounds like your going to need them.
    You might want to invest in a nice soft pillow because it seems DH has stepped up to the plate and he isn't quite done with you yet.
    Have you used leather paddles before?
    What is your favorite color?
    Do you play pranks on each other?
    What is your favorite position to get spanked?
    Does any of your friends or relatives know that you have a DD relationship?
    What are some of the benefits of being in a DD relationship?
    What 3 things would you tell your friend if they asked you how to start a DD relationship and 3 things not to do?


    1. Lol, light a few candles please? :) A soft pillow sounds like a very good idea righr about now! Thanks for those questions, ill be answering them in the next post. :)

  3. Ouch!!! My husband uses a hickory paddle on me for punishment, and all it ever does is turn red. He does give me a hand warm up first, which I learned on blogs, helps prevent bruising. He can slap me pretty hard on my tush without it being too intolerable, but when he barely hits me with the paddle, it hurts like crazy. Do you think that your guy might need to hit you with a little less force when using those wooden implements? The first thing we got was a leather paddle. It didn't hurt near as much, but because the edges were thinner and rougher, I ended up with several little bruises, because of the way the edges hit my skin. I have had a spanking, where I felt it a little tiny bit the next day, but never where it was causing actual pain the next day. I'm glad that things are going along the way you wish them to. My husband is not so consistant yet, and when he isn't, I tend to be more or less lazy. God bless you and yours, Belle L.

    1. Ill have to try and find a hickory paddle, thanks for the idea! He goes through phases of being consistent and then not so consistent, but it seems like hes getting the hang of it..hope your husband is able to be more consistent as well. :)

  4. So... You got what you wanted! Great! Congratulation! How you feel about that? I can see that you're a bit shocked and surprised. It can be shocking a bit. Are you have bruises after so?
    More questions! Do you have any dream about what would you like to be punished with? Does your relationship go also into bed, I mean is Colin also your Master?

    1. Very shocked and surprised, but in a good way. :) Im sore, yet content. Not really bruises, but a few spots that are sore and seem like they could bruise a bit. Thanks for more questions, ill be answering them soon. :)

  5. I am glad you are really on the right track with your DD lifestyle. Well, you got what you asked for, a really hard spanking. Good for you.

    I bet you are sore!!! But, I am sure you are very content.


    1. Thanks Joey! Yes sore, and content. Its not a bad mix. :) Thanks for the nice comment!

  6. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading your post. It certainly sounds lime your man got the hang of it pretty quickly. Wood bruises a lot in the beginning but after a while your body adjusts and you wong bruise as easily.

    Its nice to hear you two are happy, looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. He did catch on pretty quickly .. i'm pretty lucky. We'll see if it lasts. :)

  7. Good to hear he stepped up and you got what you needed. I can bruise from almost anything, so my advice might not mean much, but wood is definitely one of the most likely to leave marks. If you don't mind a little bruising, that may not be a big deal. It usually takes a LOT for skin to actually break. Even with really hard spankings I've had where I end up purple, my skin doesn't break of bleed. But I don't know how tolerant you are and how toughened up your skin may be from spanking.