Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spank me pink?

Ok so just a quick question for you guys.  I'm kind of, a little bit, obsessed with anything pink, and anything sparkles, but I realize some people don't share that opinion, so I was wondering if you guys think the new background is .. to pink?

I couldn't choose between the current one and a more simple, blue kind of background .. I don't want people to come read the blog and quickly exit out before the pinkness blinds them, so I figured i'd just ask.

Stick with the sparkles and the pink?


Help your eyes avoid the pink bling and go with a nice simple blue?


Hope everyone's having a good day!

Things are good on this end.  Not only did I stick to everything I needed to do today, but I also cleaned up a bit (something I barely do when i'm asked, let alone just because) and wrote down our rules in the book that i'm supposed to write in when something doesn't get done.  I'm thinking that spanking the other day really did its job.

Figure I might as well answer some questions I got from you guys in this post as well, so thanks for the questions, and here are your answers. :)

nisza_E's questions:

  • Did your husband have any interest in kinky activities before he met you?  He didn't have any feelings towards anything like spanking, but he did have a few kinky interests.  Actually, when we were first interested in each other years ago, he was in a relationship, but he'd send me instant messages once in a while along the lines of,  "I just got some handcuffs, and they've just been sitting in my car."  To which i'd tell him to go use them with his girlfriend, but secretly wanted him to use them with me. :)
  • Where have you guys been looking for inspiration? We've researched a lot of things through the internet.  Mainly blogs, but also some other sites here and there.
Questions from Bob:

  • Have you guys ever used a leather paddle?  Actually, we haven't.  We've tried a strap which I think would be considered leather, but have yet to try a leather paddle.  I think it's something we'll have to look into.
  • Favorite color?  If you couldn't tell from the new background, mine would be pink.  His is blue. :)
  • Do you guys play pranks on each other?  I love this question.  We do play pranks, but i'd have to say i'm the bigger prankster.  I love love LOVE pranking him, and i'm always looking for new ideas.  So if you have any, feel free to share. ;)
  • Favorite position to be spanked?  Depends on the implement, but i'd say for the most part I like otk the best.  It has an intimate feeling to it.
  • Any friends or family know about your DD relationship?  Only some spanko/blogger friends.  No vanilla friends, and no family.
  • What are some benefits of being in a DD relationship?  Hm, well even after just starting a DD relationship, I already see so many benefits, so i'll name a few off the top of my head.  He's more confident with being able to be in charge.  We're able to use spanking/discipline as a way to deal with issues and then put them in the past, rather than screaming and yelling at each other and never solving anything.  It seems to bring us closer and closer, even when I don't think we can get any closer.  And it helps with communication.
  • If a friend wanted to start a DD relationship what 3 things would you tell them to do, and what 3 things would you tell them not to do?  Hmm, let's see.  3 things to do, would be to be patient, do research and find what it is you want out of it and how to get those things, and most of all communicate!  3 things not to do?  Don't have unreasonable expectations and think it's going to be exactly how you envision it in your head.  Don't think that mind reading will replace communicating, and try not to fight it if you know it's something you really want.
Thanks guys for the questions!  March is almost over, but if anyone else has anything to ask, I'd be more than happy to answer - and so would Colin!


  1. This is for Colin What was your reaction when Kenzie told you she wanted a DD lifestyle?

    What are some of your thoughts when you are doing a punisment spanking?

    How do you handle a situation when Kenzie refuses to get Spanked?


    1. Thanks Bob, im really excited to hear Colins answers to these!

  2. I like the pink background,but I prefer bright red. Thanks for answering the good questions posed to you.


    1. Lol youre too funny! Bright red is a good color :)

  3. The pink is very pretty, if you like it keep it.

    Thanks for sharing your answers, they were interesting to read.

    Glad you got so much done today. Did Colin notice the extra effort with the cleaning?

    1. Thank you! Im going to keep the pink around. :) Colin actually did notice, which made it all worth it!

  4. I like the new background -- definitely not too pink, it is just right! :)

    Also enjoyed reading your answers, you guys are awesome together.

    1. and riley, i can't find your blog anymore :(

    2. Yay, aw thanks Riley, thats sweet :)

  5. If I should be honest, when I came I didn't even realise that something had changed :P So no - it's not too pink :)

    Yeah, I know how good spanking can motivate to do MAAANYYY staff. But I suppose it wasn't all my questions I asked :>

  6. Ohhh youre right! Im sorry about that, I forgot the questions in your other comments.. ill answer those too. :)

  7. It is pretty pink on here! but I like it! Enjoyed these answers too....:D

  8. Your new background looks ahhhmazing! Pink and sparkles all the way.

    Yay Kenzie for sticking to everything, and I loved your 3 tips.

    <3 Lily

    1. Aw thanks Lily! I love the pink and the sparkles make it better in my opinion, lol. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your answers to the questions. I don't think the background is too pink. I noticed it immediately upon reading today but it isn't blinding or anything.