Sunday, June 23, 2013

Submissive Saturday #3 & corner time! Yuck!

Yes, I realize today is Sunday, and this is a Submissive Saturday post, but let's just pretend it's Saturday okay? :)

Colin and I ended up getting into a litle bit of an argument friday, before we left for the weekend, so the time I was going to spend putting up my Submissive Saturday post, was spent being spanked, and in the corner. Not cool!

Okay, moving on. This weekend was so much fun, but submissive Saturday was somewhat of a fail. It just didn't work, because we were literally around people the whole time. We talked about, and we both felt that sometimes this is going to happen. Sometimes other things are going to be going on, and DD just is going to have to take a bit of a back seat in certain ways. Of course I still have to follow the rules, be respectful, etc, but certain things will just have to wait. Submissive Saturday happened to be one of those things. Next weekend, the same situation is most likely going to happen, so we decided instead of getting annoyed with the fact that it won't be what we expect it to, we're just going to take it easy, have fun, enjoy our weekend and then the Saturday after that, we'll make good use of it.

Alright, enough of that. Hope everyone had a good weekend, and here's our Submissive Saturday pictures.

*We're also going to switch it up a bit, and Colin is going to comment on the pictures I chose, and i'll comment on the ones he chose. Just thought it could be fun to see what each other thinks about the others photos. :) *Oh and like I always mention, these photos are all found from different tumblrs, so I don't know where they originated - if there are yours, please let me know and i'll give credit where it's due.

Kenzie's pictures:

I like this one also, because we both know she needs spankings, and I want to give it to her just as much as she needs it.

Shows how you can be in control in multiple ways.

I like the blindfold, and the sensualness of the picture.

Pretty self explanatory, I like his one a lot because I love calling her 'my pet.'

This one seems to have a lot of anticipation in it.

Not surprised she picked this one, because she likes hearing good girl. ;)

She knows she is mine. :)

To me, this one shows me how she wants to be Dominanted, and she's a strong, beautiful, capable woman.

I know this is one of her all time favorite quotes, so I really like it.

I'm assuming she picked this one, because the lecture is important to her, and the sternness of your voice goes further than raising your voice or yelling.

She told me she liked this one because of the hands clasped behind her head, and I like the idea of that also. Thanks for the new idea Kenzie.

Colin's pictures:

I love this one, and I love that he picked it out.  It just says it so perfectly.

Sexy picture, the nipple clamps are an interesting idea.

He tends to tell me this time and time again, during a spanking.

Teasing can be fun, so I like that he picked this one too. :)

Collars are a new thing for us, but it's something we both really like the idea of, so it's a good choice.

This one surprised me a bit. He's never said anything like that to me, but if it did, it'd get quite a good reaction out of me. :)

Um, sexy. Enough said. Good choice hun!

Aww, I love that he picked this one. This is so sweet, and it sums him up pretty well!

This one is hot as well, I like how it mentions what I crave and what he wants, is the same thing. :)

We've both seen this picture before, and liked the position the spankee was in.

This one doesn't surprise me at all, he always says he wants to print out something like this and use it for punishments once in a while.

That's it for submissive Saurday number three, hope you guys liked the pictures. :)

Now we're off to watch this crazy man walk across the Grand Canyon, LIVE - what is wrong with him?! Yikes!


  1. Wow, I hate corner time...and a pic of it posted I imagine would make it way worse. I would hate that! I just mentioned to my husband that you sometimes have to put up pics of your bottom, and he seemed to thoroughly like the idea of having me do that as well...okay, last time I share with him what other DD couples do lol. Love the pics too. I like that you both commented on each others :)

    1. Haha, yes do not share the ideas of my mean grumpy husband! Lol, just kidding! It can be pretty humbling to have to add those pics! I took off the corner time pic, because we both felt it was a bit much in light of what's going on with the article and all that - but I feel like the post spanking pictures don't give much away - yet can add to the punishment!

  2. I love the Anais Nin quote, has it ever been said so perfectly?

    1. Isn't it awesome? I looove that quote so much! :)

  3. Ugh, I feel for you as I hate corner time. Sometimes things do get in the way. One way to think of it is it'll make you both appreciate and make the most of the alone time you do have together for TTWD. Loved all the pic choices.

    1. Sooo true Lea, it really does make you appreciate the time you do have for TTWD. I'm glad you liked the pics, and yes corner time SUCKS! :)

  4. What is it about CT that makes us feel the way we do about it??? I hate it, despise it, but it's also the time when I really think " oh shit, I've done it again" lol

    I'm sorry your day didn't go to plan, but I like the way you guys are still having fun and not letting it get to you. Life is life and things come up, we have to accept it and move on :) good for you both :)

    Loved the pics, specially about the Dom always looking out for her :)

    1. Accepting it and moving on is exactly what i'm trying to do. :) Ugh corner time makes me feel the SAME way! I hate it so much, yet at the same time, I think it can really be good for me at times - yuck!

  5. Hi Kenzie,

    Sorry about the spanking and corner time. It is awful isn't it? Fortunately it doesn't happen too often here. I imagine having to stand under the sign made it worse.

    Glad you had a fun weekend. I love your positive attitude about having to put Submissive Saturday on hold. Life does get in the way at times and it is hard when other people are around.

    Love the pictures. Great choices!


    1. It IS awful! The sign was not cool at all, he found it pretty funny of course, lol.

      Thanks Roz. :) It can be hard, but life has a way of getting in the way, but then giving us the time we need for other things as well. :)

  6. Hey Kenzie,

    B and I started txting pics like these back and forth and it was really interesting for us.. kind of a *slightly* less embarrassing way to get to know each other's kink without having to just talk about it. And a good jumping off point to talk about it later. I like that you're doing it on the blog.. and responding to each other's pics is cool.


    1. That's such an awesome idea Bekah! I bet you guys were able to learn a lot about each other and each others kinks that way! So cute. :)

  7. Kenzie, sorry about the spanking and corner time, I had my first "corner/wall" time last night, booooriinng! I seriously would take a spanking anyday over wall time!! anyhoo, I like the quiet confidence quote and the house rules #22. We are looking into starting submission/surrender days but we are looking for some extra info any tips or ideas? Email me please.

    1. It is NOT fun! Not at all! I assume that's the point though, blegh! I'd love to talk and share ideas on that kind of thing - if you'd like, shoot me an email at and we can brainstorm ideas with each other. :)