Thursday, November 13, 2014

You! Yes you .. come out from hiding! LOL Day 9

Yay! It's once again time for LOL day. This year is the 9th year blogland has had LOL day, and I'm so excited to be part of it for my 2nd year!

A big thanks to Bonnie and Hermione for this fun tradition!

So, what is LOL day? It's a chance for all you lurkers to come out from the shadows! I'm so thankful to have people who read my blog, comment, email me, etc - but I know from blog stats that the biggest percentage of readers are silent.

I was a lurker before I started blogging, so I know how it is! Maybe you don't think you have anything to say? Maybe you don't think you're experienced enough? Maybe you don't know what to say? None of that matters! It especially doesn't matter today.

Today (and tomorrow as well!) is a day for YOU! Start typing in that comment box! Ask me a question, tell me something about yourself, or just say hi! This is such a friendly community and an awesome place to talk with like minded people. I've been lucky enough to meet some great friends here, both online and even in real life! Sooo now is not the time to be shy! It's your time to speak up.

You can comment as anonymous, you can make up an email account and use that, or if you'd rather it be in private, you could shoot me an email at

I'd honestly love to hear from you guys so I thought I'd write up a couple questions just in case you're not too sure what to say! Pick one, pick a couple, pick all of them if you'd like. :)

1.) Are you in a DD relationship?
2.) What's your favorite tv show?
3.) If you could pick one implement to throw into a camp fire, which one would it be?
4.) Do you have a favorite joke? If so, share it.

Of course I love my non lurkers too, so I hope you'll comment and answer some questions as well!

Last year, Colin decided to add a little incentive to LOL day, and we decided we're going to do it again this year.

We have this thing called, "the naughty jar" which is a bunch of rolled up papers in a jar with different spanking assignments. Each piece of paper has a certain amount of spanks, a specified implement, and a certain position. There are even a couple "get out of spanking free" cards in there!

Depending on the number of comments, Colin will pick a certain number of papers from the jar, and carry out the spanking on me! 25 or less comments will be pants/panties UP, and more than 25 comments will mean panties down.. yikes!

1-10 comments = One paper
11-20 comments = Two papers
21-30 comments = Three papers.. etc, etc.

I know it can be scary to stop lurking and start joining in, but I promise you it's worth it...

Hopefully I'll hear from some of you today and tomorrow! :)


  1. Happy LoL Day Kenzie! I love your naughty jar and Colin's incentive this year! Um ... good luck? lol


  2. Kenzie hello,

    Think it will be panties down for you:)

    Happy LOL Days.


  3. Happy LoL Day Kenz and Colin! :)

  4. Happy spanking and LOL day!


  5. Let's hope you get the 25 comments so your panties will be down. Happy spanking and LOL day. You certainly gave the lurkers incentive to comment.


  6. stopping by to say of my favorite tv shows is Once Upon a Time (always loved fairy tales growing up) :-) Hugs Have a great time today!

  7. Happy LOL Day Kenzie, I always read your blog, but don't always comment. I need to get better at that! I hope you have a great day!

  8. Happy LOL Day. You're a brave girl to take on this challenge again.

  9. Hi Kenzie,

    Thanks for joining us for LoL 9. my favourite TV show is Hell's Kitchen.


  10. Kenzie: just looking at your blog for the first time, but definitely seems interesting and refreshing. I intend to read more as time permits. However, a spanking with your panties up is hardly a spanking, so I may even send lurkers your way just to make certain those panties are around your ankles or off completely.
    bottoms up

  11. Happy LOL Days Kenzie..I don't always comment but I am more than a lurker. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  12. Waves hello! You brave girl. Cheers to panties down!


  13. Oh dear, it looks like you are well on your way to panties down

  14. Hi Kenzie & Colin, I haven't commented here for a while, but it's always good to see you posting.


  15. Hello Kenzie and collin and happy lol day. I always read your blogs but very seldom post. Hopefully it's not to painful for ya! ;-) to answer your ? husband and I have been in dd for 1 1/2 yrs and would never go back! Fav tv show is survivor, if I could add one thing to the bon fire it would def be this massive redwood paddle (alot like a principals paddle) that has attitude adjuster written across it. Man can that thing burn!! And for jokes I'm horrible jk teller so will let that one pass. Anyway thanks as always for the smiles you give your readers. We sure love hearing from ya!

  16. Hi Kenzie & Colin! I've commented before but it's been awhile! You always know how to make things more fun! I hope you get to the panties DOWN level! :-) My hubby & I have practiced DD in the past. For awhile now we've been more toward stress relief, fun, & goal oriented spankings. Life became very full & ttwd changed to fit it. My absolute favorite show is Parenthood! I'm so sad this will be the last season!

  17. long time lurker ... I don't think I have ever commented on your blog though!!

    Happy LOL & spanks! :D

  18. First visit here....will be the idea of the jar!!
    hugs abby

  19. Happy LOL day:) looks like it will be panties down:) yes we practice DD. I would burn the twister :)~

  20. To answer your questions, Kenzie, yes, too many, a paddle and its a naughty one but here goes...

    A pickle, a cucumber and a penis were talking about life one day.

    The cucumber said, "when I get big and hard they chop me up and put me in a salad."

    The cucumber said, "when I get big and hard they chop me up and drown me in vinegar."

    The penis scoffed and said, "that is nothing to what they do to me when I get big and hard."

    The cucumber and the pickle asked what happened, thinking the penis was just bragging.

    "The penis said when I get big and hard, they put a plastic bag over my head, put me in a dark, damp cave and bang my head against the wall until I throw up and then faint."

    The cucumber and the pickle were impressed. (Remember, you asked! :P)

    Happy LOL Day! :D

  21. Happy LOL Day!! To answer your questions.. Not anymore, Outlander, already lived that dream and it was a paddle....and I never remember a joke.

  22. Happy LOL Day to you and Colin, Kenzie! :) I always enjoy stopping by here.

    Whoa!!! You are a brave one! Well, hope that you get your panties down. Very creative jar idea! Enjoy! :D

    My favourite tv show is currently Outlander. Rob and I both LOVE it and cannot wait until the next bit in the spring. We keep watching all the reruns.

    Rob and I are much more ttwd at this point, though we are also informal Dd and D/s I'd say. We do it our own way. ;)

    As far as implements to go into the campfire- I'd say the hairbrush and wooden spoon. Tooooo stingy for me. LOL! Fun post! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  23. Happy LOL Day Kenzie! Thank you for your support of Learning Domestic Discipline. It's been great to get to know you. Thank you for participating this year!

    -Clint & Chelsea
    Learning Domestic Discipline

    PS: The background on your blog is really pretty!

  24. Hi kenzie
    Happy lol day to you

  25. It panties down and your on your way to even more papers.....

  26. It's looking like you're toast (pun intended). Happy LOL Day!

  27. You know I love your blog, right?!!! Happy LOL day!

  28. Happy LOL day, Kenzie! Thought I'd return the favor and leave you a comment. Keep up the good work on your wonderful blog!

    Dr. Ken,

  29. Here's my contribution to your spanking, Kenzie! I enjoy your blog and hope to have more time to keep up with things in the coming year. :D

  30. Hi Kenzie,

    I've been lurking for a while but I'm pretty sure I've never commented before! Love the naughty jar idea.

    As for questions...1. Sort of -- DD makes up part of our dynamic 2. The Big Bang Theory 3. All of them (can I say all of them?) and 4. No...I'm bad with telling jokes (always mess them up) so don't even try.

    Thanks for blogging!


  31. Hi Kenzie: glad to see you have reached the bare bottom level of spanking. Now, if lurking was on two different days, should it not mean that you get spanked, panties down, on two different consecutive days. That will be fun to read in the near future. Keep enjoying life
    bottoms up

  32. Ah yes, I think I´ve been here before. But most likely did not leave a comment.

    So, Happy LoL Day!

    And as a fellow blogger I know the problem of lurking, of course.

    So as for your questions:
    a) no. a spanknig relationship, but not that DD sort of thing. It wouldn´t work for us either.
    b) Hum. Right now we´re watching a mix of Game of Thrones, Vikings and then some reality shows like The Taste.
    c) I`m a spanker. So i love my implements. But I´ve come across a ruler sort of thing lately that ist just loud, but ineffective. It would be fine for a fire I guess.
    4) Sorry. Not the joke telling sort.


  33. Ohh, good luck Kenzie, what's that ? 4 slips from the jar?
    Happy LOL Day.

  34. Joke?
    Why are women such bad judges of distance?
    Because all our adult lives we've been being told that this much (---) is nine inches.

  35. A bit late but oh well.

    I love The Big Bang Theory and Blacklist.

    I'm in a something relationship. Rather undefinable. Don rules the roost, me, the house, the dog, everything. I happily serve. He has stopped punishing me??? No clue why other than his should is bothering him maybe. I miss it and I don't miss it. Hate nipple clover clamps and our wooden paddle. Into the fire they would go happily. Maybe I'm just so good and don't deserve a spanking ever. Haha. That's your joke!!! Laughing. But we get along great. We are not married. Enjoy each other most of the time. I miss the threat of a spanking but maybe not the actual spanking. He's big and strong and it all hurts. There's no sweet rubbing or warm up but it's the words I miss.

    Enough about me. Thanks for your blog. Jackie was here. :-)

  36. Kenzie, I love your blog. Here are some questions for you. What spanking implements beside his hand, does you husband spank you with. Is your spankings given to you on your bare bottom. Does your husband give you Maintenance Spankings. Do you wear garter-belt and stockings that accent your voluptuous naked rear end. etc, etc, etc.

  37. I missed out on LOL Day this year, unfortunately. What a fun (and ouchy) approach you and Colin take on it! I'll play along a little and answer one of the questions.
    Q: If you could pick one implement to throw into a camp fire, which one would it be?
    A: Only one? Hmmm...while not used often (thankfully) I'd have to pick the Loopy Johnny. That thing really is awful!

  38. I enjoy reading your blog. Like Grace (above) I completely missed out on LOL day. I have been a dyed-in-the-wool lurker for over a decade. With this comment I have broken out of the "lurker prison".

    Questions + Answers: 1) While I have been a spankist since middle-childhood, I have been mostly single the past 20 years, therefore my DD relationship exists mainly in the corridors of my mind; 2) TV? While attending law school fulltime AND working fulltime in the early '80s, I gave up watching. Now I am still very much out of the habit. On the other hand, I read 102 books of varying genres in 2014; 3) Implement into the fire? , , , the cane; and 4) A very exasperated man was telling his father of the domestic difficulties he was having with his wife. His father instructed the son, "When she won't do as you say, do what I do with your mother . . . just pull down her panties and blister her bottom". The son replied, "I do that but, by the time I've got her panties down, I forget why I was pulling them down".